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Arthritis & Treatment -  MYTH , FICTION AND FACTS

Osteoarthrosis or osteoarthritis  basically means wear and tear of the cartilage, which can be divided into primary (due to the normal ageing process - happens to almost every one universally ) and secondary - due to a preexisting cause, disease , trauma or condition from birth.
one must understand that primary osteoarthritis is more prevalent in knee joints in asian population ,due to the habits and in the west a higher prevalance of osteoarthrosis of hips compared to asian population.

osteoarthritis affecting the knee joint -  is universal and part of ageing process , cartilage is a tissue with a very low  metabolic activity and hence cant be regenerated at a pace which can outrun its wear.
knee as a joint is abnormally shaped  unlike the ball and socket of the hip  it is  primarily designed to bear weight and provided stability  but makes it vulnerable for wear.
the wear happens more on the inner aspect of knee and later cases affects whole of knee joint resulting in pain in the whole of knee .

Therapies which work only in very early osteoarthritis of knee are -  arthroscopic debridement ,cartilage regenerating medication(dyacerin , glucosamines), viscosupplementation with hyaluronic injections , physiotherapy and analgesics.

but one should know these things may prolong and help an indivisual be pain free for a maximum of  few years and if lucky with activity modifications a few more years .

Treatment for advanced osteoarthritis-
 High tibial osteotomy,uniknee replacement and Total knee replacement -are still the gold standard and only available option which has stood the test of time and which stands to reason for patients with advanced arthritis.

Questionable therapies exist widely all around the world which do not hold water do not stand to reason  for the simple  fact that - no one can reverse ageing / a worn out cartilage , despite what ever the advance in science . knee replacements work for the fact that they replace the worn cartilage hence give a relief of pain.