OXINIUM - is oxidized zirconium is a revolutionary new material that is harder and 4900 times more resistant to scratching than the common implant material

cobalt chrome . The oxinium alloy is also smoother than other metals , so there is less friction and wear , which means you implant may last significantly longer . And if metal allergy is a concern , these components are made from one of the most biocompatable materials .

OXINIUM, oxidized zirconium is a metallic alloy with a ceramic surface that provides wear resistance without brittleness. OXINIUM material combines the best of both metal and ceramics.  

OXINIUM heads on XLPE liners answer all your concerns:

  • Fracture
  • Metal Allergies/Sensitivity
  • Osteolysis   

The combination of OXINIUM heads on XLPE liners offers:

  • No risk of fracture, chipping or squeaking
  • Hypoallergenic Biocompatible solution for metal sensitive patients
  • Proven low wear rates 

In addition, OXINIUM heads and XLPE liners are available in a wide variety of head sizes and neck offsets, which allow you the intraoperative flexibility to help restore a full range of motion.